CamuffoLab designed the corporate identity for 9 Bistrot, the new restaurant located in the heart of the cloisters of the M9 museum hub, playing with some elements from the number 9 imagery and adapting them to different applications, such as the restaurant's counter wall, windows and menus. 

The logo stands out thanks to an elegant typeface, a bold palette of colours such as black and orange, and its combination with the iconic illustrations on the wall, showcasing some of the restaurant details and evoking at the same time the structure of the museum's exhibition, the wholesomeness of the ingredients and the refined nature of its original dishes, bringing the environment to life in a fun way.

Client Art & Food Group 

Architectural project Sauerbruch Hutton

Interior design Paolo Luchetta + Retail Design

Photos Alessandra Chemollo / Ginevra Formentini 

Team Veronica Martini / Enrico Zampieri

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