Casa dei Tre Oci is one of the most beautiful examples of neo-Gothic architecture of the twentieth century. The three-storey building is distinguished by its main floor with three ogival windows, three enormous òci (Venetian for “eyes”) overlooking St. Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal.

CamuffoLab took care of the coordinated image for Casa dei Tre Oci, designing a logo that evokes the three large eyes featured on the building's facade. The Casa dei Tre Oci space has hosted countless art exhibitions on the language of photography, representing the most important names in this field, such as David LaChapelle, Sebastiao Salgado and Helliot Erwitt.

Inside the edifice, CamuffoLab has created the signage, the layout of the bookshop and the merchandising, coordinating the communication of all the exhibitions, from 2012 until today. 

Client Marsilio Arte

Art director Denis Curti 

Exhibits APML Architetti Pedron / la Tegola

Photos Alessandra Chemollo

Team Giovanni Covre / Enrico Zampieri

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