For Inspiration Only is the first exhibition designed by architect Italo Rota in the Palazzo dei Musei in Reggio Emilia. CamuffoLab designed the graphic layout of the exhibition, which was conceived as an open museum, to facilitate the visitor along the exhibition route, featuring the archaeological and artistic collections on the first two floors of the building and the Manica Lunga on the third and last floor. CamuffoLab has also enhanced the room dedicated to Antonio Fontanesi's “Fantastic Bestiary”, using some animal illustrations as a collage on the walls.

A curiosity: the title of the exhibition For Inspiration Only is also the title of a small book Future System by Jan Kaplicky, in which the author invites us to observe the planet through 100 selected objects. Similarly, the installation For Inspiration Only gives back to the city more than 300 unpublished objects, belonging to the archives of Palazzo dei Musei, from Mameli's beard to the first Macintosh.

Client Musei Civici Reggio Emilia

Curated by Italo Rota

Exhibits Italo Rota

Team Michele Bettio / Sebastino Girardi / Matteo Rosso

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