The 57 meter long mural Quando la città cambia tu guarda i suoi colori (When the city changes, look at its colours) in Via Varesina 162 designed by CamuffoLab, in the Certosa District, is a message of rebirth and urban regeneration in the name of visual design.

Bright colours, geometric shapes that flow one after the other, references to industrial architectural elements symbolising an area in rapid evolution, which is increasingly turning from a manufacturing hub into an innovation district. The external wall of the La Forgiatura corporate campus provides an image-based narrative of the district and its identity.

The project, commissioned by h+, SIGNS, the permanent observatory on visual design, and curated by Francesco Dondina, heralds the first Milano Graphic Festival, a large-scale event dedicated to visual design and visual communication with appointments and exhibitions throughout the city of Milan.

Clients Certosa District / h+

Curated by Francesco Dondina 

Photos Silvia Galliani

Press h+ 

Team Francesca Cavani / Cecilia Giancaterino / Qiurui Zhou

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