What is IMAGO? It is not easy to say. To be precise, IMAGO is a corporate magazine, a house organ, albeit a very unusual one, the tool devised by Raffaele Bassoli, its owner, and Michele Provinciali, a brilliant graphic designer, teacher, photographer, one of the most high-profile players on the Italian design scene in its heyday, to promote the services of Bassoli Fotoincisioni in Milan, a business specialising in the production of printing plates. 

In 2020, CamuffoLab developed the project of the book published by Corraini Edizioni, highlighting the features of what was a company magazine, produced to showcase the best that image and text reproduction techniques could offer. IMAGO with its fourteen issues released between 1960 and 1971 is a cultural adventure in a 1960s Milan, which in this volume edited by Giorgio Camuffo is recounted and documented for the first time as the “wonderland” of free experimentation, where personalities from the world of art and visual communication - including Max Huber, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Bruno Munari, Remo Muratore, Armando Testa and Pino Tovaglia - interacted with important names in art criticism and literature, such as Dino Buzzati, Piero Chiara, Giuseppe Pontiggia and Mario Soldati.

Edited by Corraini Edizioni 

Curated by Giorgio Camuffo

Team Cecilia Giancaterino / Enrico Zampieri

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