The Kuwait pavilion at Expo 2015, designed by Italo Rota, is an immersive experience consisting of interactive analogue and multimedia stations dedicated to the natural elements that make up Kuwait's identity: desert, sun and water.

The design of the pavilion is based on the representation of the natural resources essential for the development of life and the process of technological and eco-sustainable innovation (such as desalination and reuse of water) thanks to which the Kuwaitis are building a modern society, capable of contributing to the global development of the planet. By modelling the profile of the pavilion on the “Kuwaiti” sails of traditional boats (Dhow), the project represents the extraordinary mix of cultural tradition and scientific modernity at the heart of the identity of contemporary Kuwaiti society.

CamuffoLab designed the graphic layout for the pavilion, characterised by large wall illustrations, the signage and the graphics on the ceiling based on the traditional embroidery techniques used for Kuwaiti carpets. Moreover, CamuffoLab designed the space dedicated exclusively to children, who, guided by the mascot “Kiwo”, could enjoy a privileged view of the city thanks to the dedicated domes. The Kuwait pavilion ended with a real Suq, a typical Middle Eastern market, where it was possible to buy spices and typical items.

Cliente EXPO 2015

Coordination Nussli

Exhibtion design Italo Rota

Team Tommaso Cazzaro

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