Gusto! Italiani a tavola. 1970-2050 is the first of a trilogy of exhibitions that M9 Museum dedicates to the great Italian passions, for a meditation with the past, the present and the future, between scientific research, pop experience, play and critical investigation.

The exhibition, curated by Massimo Montanari and Laura Lazzaroni, recounts the transformation of the relationship between Italians and food in recent decades, representing a complex scenario of a country that is changing, in its habits, its consumption and its social composition.

CamuffoLab has created the coordinated image and graphics with a flexible large red tongue as if to recall the concept of “taste” between cultural and biological phenomena, embedded to the exhibition designed by Gambardella Architetti studio.

Client M9 Foundation

Curato da Massimo Montanari / Laura Lazzaroni

Exhibition design Gambardella Architetti

Foto Marco Cappelletti

Team Giovanni Covre / Cecilia Giancaterino / Qiurui Zhou

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