The table is one of the places that best represent our lives, both public and private. Around a table we build a house, a building, a school, a restaurant, a square, an entire city!

Gusto! Gli italiani a tavola. 1950-1970 is the first of a trilogy of exhibitions that the M9 Museum has imagined to tell the story of Italian society, its desires and its changes of experiencing, standing on the shoulders of the 20th century to question the metamorphosis of a different time in which our relationship with food can become the mirror of more radical and significant changes.

CamuffoLab has created the graphic project of the book dedicated to the exhibition that collects the extensive contributions of the curators Massimo Montanari and Laura Lazzaroni «we have built a big house made of rooms that tell the taste of Italians, through the agricultural landscape, the biodiversity of products, home cooking, restaurants and markets, tables and street food, the design of migration flows and the challenges of the environment and health [. ...] to explain not so much the doctrine as the spirit of a people who even when they are not in shape think of the smell of a lemon and know how to smile. And brings pizza into space.»

Client: M9 Foundation

Curated by: Massimo Montanari / Laura Lazzaroni

Edited by: Marsilio Editori

Font: Alpha and Magister by Omnitype

Team: Giovanni Covre

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