There is no official tour of the museum; everyone can follow their curiosity, exploring the two floors of the exhibition. However, if the children don't want to get lost, they can follow the itinerary of Molla, who will guide them in the Museum, stretching out and changing shapes.

CamuffoLab designed the entire tour dedicated to children, which begins with the 5 colored helmets and the pouffes placed in the foyer of the Museum and the wayfinding with the moving Molla.

Turn the cubes and magnets, play with the analog installation. Move from Isola Kids to the multimedia installation in the museum! Done? This is just a hint of  the installations of M9 Kids, an analog itinerary for children designed and created by CamuffoLab.

The installations (total 8), called Isola Kids, are designed to facilitate the exploration and discovery of the museum contents through a playful and simple language, tailor made for children between 4 and 8 years old.

Client M9 Foundation

Technical Project Serena Bernardi

Photos Marco Cappelletti / Giorgia Rorato

Team Cecilia Giancaterino / Qiurui Zhou

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