M9 is a newly conceived ethnographic museum of contemporary history - a media museum - with immersive and experiential applied high technology, as well as a cultural hub for the benefit of citizens and a space for the development of outstanding productions.

The museum recounts the last century of Italy's history through a multimedia itinerary with multiple narrative levels on two floors, encouraging visitors to engage in dialogue and action. 

CamuffoLab has designed the graphic layout for the M9 Museum, inserting analogue wall illustrations inside the large “Black Box” project by the Sauerbruch Hutton studio, which represents the most significant icons of 20th century Italian culture. The main figures of the illustration project have been defined thanks to a research carried out with a team of specialist historians to facilitate the understanding and use of the digital installations.

Client M9 Foundation

Architectural project Sauerbruch Hutton

Exhibition design grisdainese 

Multimedia design Carraro Lab / Clonwerk / Dotdotdot / Karmachina / Nema FX 

Photos Alessandra Chemollo / Ginevra Formentini 

Team Veronica Martini / Leonardo Signori / Enrico Zampieri

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