For Triennale Milano CamuffoLab has created an artwork dedicated to the visual identity of Triennale Estate. Collecting Stories, a project intended to highlight various issues: from design to architecture, from urban regeneration to photography, theatre and the performing arts, with a particular emphasis on matters such as sustainability, green, diversity, intergenerational dialogue and empowering female figures in contemporary art, with the support of other disciplines such as philosophy as a further key to interpreting the contemporary world.

In order to best represent this scenario, CamuffoLab has started an investigation that goes beyond the commonplaces that are easily found when one thinks of a summer festival, thus reaching the concept of collection, and more widely, of a container of history and stories, to attempt a representation of  the Triennale Estate events.

Starting from this idea, CamuffoLab has created a series of images in different shapes and colours, suited to meet the Collecting Stories theme, which is inspired by some of the distinctive architectural elements on the façade of the Triennale Milano building, just as Italo Lupi did when he designed the institution's logo in the 1970s.

Client Triennale Milano

Curated by Damiano Gulli

Photos Gianluca Di Ioia

Team Cecilia Giancaterino / Filippo Papa / Qiurui Zhou

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