Societies on the Move - International Competition of Social Illustration and Graphics represents a reflection on the mutations of societies and the consequent conception of visual works, welcoming a challenge in a very wide area of creativity.

As visual studies suggest, today we do not speak of histories of contemporary art, languages are no more differentiated between major and secondary, between minor and major arts, but rather must be analyzed the ways and contexts through these languages manifest themselves with their ability to affect and transform these contexts.

CamuffoLab took care of the graphic design of the publication dedicated to the project, contributing, thanks to Favini's material and Gruppo Fallani's printing technologies, to give substance and presence to the best selected projects, without betraying them, selecting the paper, color and taking care of the printing process.

Client: Favini

Edited by: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa

Curated by: Stefano Coletto / Michele Posocco

Team: Enrico Zampieri

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