Design is still a living discipline; its history has not yet been written definitively. Il Museo Mutante is the first volume of three dedicated to the Triennale Design Museum, published by Electa, a museum capable of continually renewing itself and offering visitors ever-changing perspectives, points of view and paths.

The volume is made up of 10 chapters that retrace the exhibitions of the Triennale Design Museum, where the various curators, such as Alessandro Mendini, Germano Celant and Silvana Annicchiarico have tried to reconsider the history of Italian Design from different points of view, such as women's, children's and so on.

Each chapter has been matched with a colour to tell the story of the protagonists of Italian Design and a selection of the works on display in the museum, listed according to individual criteria (chronological, thematic, alphabetical).

Cliente Triennale Milano

Edito da Electa

Collana Musei e gallerie di Milano

Curato da Silvana Annicchiarico

Team Sebastiano Calgaro / Leonardo Signori / Enrico Zampieri

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