The catalogue realised by CamuffoLab for the collateral exhibition of the 57th Viva-Arte-Viva Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, as the title Memory and Contemporaneity suggests, is dedicated to the contemporary art exhibition on the Forbidden City Museum in Beijing and the symbolic awareness of the event “Cargo on fire - works of the Biennale blocked”.

The catalogue follows the three main narrative moments of the exhibition: an immersive “prologue” in the treasures of the Forbidden City, a second period that takes the form of a “dialogue” between the legacy of Chinese culture and the five masters of Italian design, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Stefano Giovannoni, Piero Lissoni and Italo Rota, and a third, concluding period, in which seventeen short films show the artists involved in the production of their works.

Client: The Palace Museum Beijing

Curated by: Wang Yamin / Sun Jianjun / Gianfranco Maraniello / Davide Rampello

Team: Sebastiano Calgaro / Enrico Zampieri

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